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Windstruck Review 2004 South Korea 내 여자친구를 소개합니다

Windstruck 내 여자친구를 소개합니다

Year: 2004
Director: Kwak Jae-yong
Writer: Kwak Jae-yong
Cast: Jun Ji-hyun, Jang Hyuk
Running Time: 123 minutes
Country: South Korea

Windstruck is a Korean Rom-com/Drama that's a spiritual companion piece to My Sassy Girl, featuring the same lead actress and same director. In it's own right, this is still a very good film.

Myung Woo(Jang Hyuk) is a mild-mannered teacher who gets mistaken for a purse snatcher while chasing after the real culprit. An off duty tough as nails police officer Gyeong Jin(Jun Ji-hyun) ends up catching and arresting him to his suprise.
Although this hilarious case of mistaken identity is eventually sorted out, Myung Woo has to return to the police station only a few days later in order to carry out some "community service" by accompanying a police officer while he walks his day-to-day beat. However, Myung Woo is shocked to learn that he's going to be following Gyeong Jin! After spending the entire night handcuffed to his sexy, but dangerous partner as she chases down no-good criminals, Myung Woo begins to discover that he's falling for the brassy, and yet, sassy law enforcement agent!

Windstruck is definitely a film of two halves. The first hour is so entertaining and laugh out loud funny. It's directed so well, that even though many scenes are rom-com cliches the hour passes so quickly that you want the story to just continue you like this, although deep down you know that it can't. Jun Ji-hyun(My Sassy Girl) is brilliant in the lead as usual. Maybe a bit of a stereotypical character for her to play, but she plays the part of the sassy girlfriend so convincingly. She also really gets to exercise her acting chops with some heavy emotional scenes and even a bit of action! Jang Hyuk(Volcano High) is perfectly fine as the love interest in this story. His facial expressions and mannerisms are a little over the top, but they are extremely funny and charming and add to his dim-witted likability. 

However, the second hour marks some drastic changes to the film as the whole story gets flipped upside down. Gone are the light hearted comedy and fun montages and instead we get some heavy melodrama and scenes that will deliberatley tug at your heart strings until you almost feel like you can't take it anymore. The second half is still great, although the change of pacing and direction can be quite jarring. The film also goes in to genre-busting territory as we end up with some quite dark action scenes as the police are involved in some bloody shoot outs with criminals. These scenes might seem out of place for a Rom-Com but I actually found it quite refreshing, especially to split up all the tears and dramatics. The second hour doesn't flow as well as the first, and certain scenes feel like they could have been omitted to help the story flow more organically.

A real highlight of Windstruck in the stunning soundtrack. Whoever chose the music for this film deserves big praise. The use of the classic song Stay by Maurice Williams is used very effectively in a few scenes that will melt your heart and make you fall in love with the characters. There is a sweet cover of Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Youme which sets up the whole film. The use of X Japan - Tears is so perfectly placed it almost feels like it was written for this scene. Another brilliant song on the OST is BK Love by MC Sniper, no idea what the song or lyrics are about because it's Korean rap, but the style, the beat and flow fits perfectly with some of the later darker scenes.

All in all, problems aside, Windstruck is a very good film. Ultimately it doesn't live up to My Sassy Girl, but then again, how many films can? It deserves to be watched and admired in it's own right. But if you are a superfan of My Sassy Girl there are many connections, scenes and easter eggs relating to it. One scene in particular caught me off guard on my first viewing, and it nearly broke me. If you try hard enough, and ignore the plot holes it would create, you could almost link Windstruck and My Sassy Girl together, which is a fun and rewarding task.

This film is definitely worth a watch, especially for fans of Korean romantic dramas


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